Elektra by Euripides
Directed and Choreographed
by Monica Payne

Scenic Design – Kaitlyn Pietras
Costume Design – Laura Wong
Lighting Design – John A. Garofalo
Sound Design – David Crawford

Produced at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television (2010)

Director’s Note
Euripides’ Elektra is an ancient Greek play that would have originally been performed for a large audience in an outdoor amphitheatre. Historians place its first performance sometime between 422-413 BCE. Euripides was not the only dramatist to tackle the tale of Elektra and her family. Their story first appears in the Odyssey, which some Greek writers used as a framework for other parables. Sophocles wrote his own play called Elektra, and Euripides himself addressed the story from another angle in his play, Orestes. Performance styles and traditions have changed dramatically since this play’s original presentation, yet the themes at the heart of the play remain vibrant, alive, and powerful.

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