Ritual, directed by Monica Payne


Ritual was an immersive, theatrical open house that featured interviews about the early Covid lockdown, a period where ceremonies like funerals and weddings were impossible. The audience was invited to reflect, grieve, laugh, and commune with others about a time when the most meaningful moments in our lives went missing. Hosted at Wonderland in the Bywater, New Orleans.

Producer – Noah Hazzard
Projection Designer – Rxchel Abrahams
Docents – Isabelle Guzman, Kaeanne Louks, and Jordan Phillips
Wonderland host – Stacy Hoover

We’re so grateful to those who shared their stories with us:  Mary Guiteras, Carissa Herhuth, Tommye Myrick, Levi Petree, Malena Ramirez, Helena Wang, Sirrea Whittaker, and Kate Zachary.

Produced by Theatre Lumina, with support from the COR Research Fellowship at Tulane University.

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